Loren's Interior Design


“I am an original and that is the style that appears in the homes that I design. When the project is completed, my client’s personality shines through their home, exemplifying their identity.”


Yagoda is a “Universal design” specialist. Loren designs for people with disabilities, people who are getting older and anyone who might know these people or might become one or in other words creating a world we can ALL use.


Loren creates environments where one can escape the chaotic, frenzied hustle of the outside world. Living in a calm, thoughtful space where you enjoy treasures of art, books and collectables allowing ones spirit to soar and body to rejuvenate.


Yagoda incorporates it all with your vision in mind. She works with the pieces you cherish and helps you add others while designing total ambience. Loren’s style is to work closely with each client, assuring each surface created and each piece purchased is in accordance with her client’s desires while adding artistic individuality to each project.

Paintings and sculptures available at:

costello•childs contemporary gallery

2724 n 68th st ste. 1 Scottsdale AZ 85257

Jewelry available at:


6560 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste 125 Scottsdale 85253