Loren's Painting


Loren’s composition is intended to simplify one’s vision setting the stage for a calm environment. She feels that color is a distraction from form and that there is a soft, ethereal feeling that one derives from the absence of color. Her purpose is to create a peaceful mood establishing a meditative state.This provides the viewer a place to land their sight in order to achieve an absence of thought to enhance concentration. She doesn’t want her viewer to attempt to find subject matter, but rather to exist in its stillness.


Loren paints large covered spaces using textures in varying forms to create an illusion of depth on a two dimensional surface. While some pieces are based in mathematical theory and others are organic in nature, the common thread is open spaces. Whether it is paint,wax, metal, natural elements, liquids or solids, the mediums are combined in order to represent her textural existence.

Paintings and sculptures available at:

costello•childs contemporary gallery

2724 n 68th st ste. 1 Scottsdale AZ 85257

Jewelry available at:


6560 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste 125 Scottsdale 85253