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﷯Loren's Sculpting Artist Statement Waypoints - A moment of pause…directions…Intersections Simplicity of form… A shadow… Purity... Texture… Layers… Absence of color… Nature… Wabi Sabi… Relationships… Abandonment of reason Feeling our way through time During our lives we take different paths whether chosen or freefall, they lead us to our destinations. Each “Waypoint” is a stop along life’s journey. Some for growth, some for love, friendship, illness, knowledge and some are for resting and rejuvenating. There are points that we choose to rush through and those we never want to leave, but they are necessary pauses to become the self we choose to be or life has chosen for us. As we leave our stops we are filled with experiences that will enhance and deepen those to follow. At times we step backwards and revisit those we haven’t spent enough time at for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we go full circle back to where we belong while at other times we go straight off the edge. At times we stand - alone At times we stand with another At times we stand as a group My art is about those people and paths where secrets live untold. Stones, like the bone structure of a skeleton, construct our character leaving footprints to those who have shared our time and space.